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English editing service for business and academic documents


The service package for those who want to improve the writing style and check the text logic and structure in addition to the correction.

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A copy-editing is often compared with a "simple" correction. The scope of a copy-editing, however, goes well beyond pure proofreading. Editing always involves the fundamental improvement of the writing style in terms of clarity, intelligibility and reading fluency. Our editors make sure that your text is better written and thus easier to read. In addition, the "common thread" of your text, in other words the text logic and structure, is checked by our editors. If your text does not make sense or can be structurally improved at one point, you will receive a suggestion for improvement from us. And last but not least, you will receive written feedback on the textual quality from the editor during the editing process. This tells you where you can still work on your text yourself.

To give you a practical idea of the scope of a copy-editing, please take a look at the text below:

  Original (example-original.pdf)

  Editing example (example-copy-editing.pdf)


Correction of grammar
Correction of spelling
Correction of punctuation
Correction of syntax
Unlimited number of Q & A with editor
Check for text consistency
e.g, consistent choice of words and expressions
Check for repetitions and filler words
Improvement of inappropriate wording and style
Check for terminology
Check for formalities
e.g., uniform citations, spelling of footnotes and sources
Substantial improvement of writing style
e.g., in terms of clarity, comprehension and readability
Check for logical text structure
"common thread"
Written feedback regarding text quality by editor
4-eyes principle by second editor
Full linguistic revision (rewriting)
Unlimited number of text revisions free of charge
within 30 days

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