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English editing service for business and academic documents

Our promise of quality

Accurate English is essential for businesses today. smartcorrect ensures the highest quality standards for your documents — even if time is short. Our editors have years of experience in editing corporate and academic documents. We ensure editorial diligence, the ‘four eyes’ principle, and intensive quality controls.

Professional touch

Our proofreaders are qualified and highly trained experts. They have many years of editing experience.


We know how important it is for you to get your documents on time. Our editors work through weekends and public holidays to complete your orders within the requested timeframe.


Your documents and personal data are treated as confidential. Our editors are bound to secrecy.

‘Four eyes’ principle

Following the first correction by one editor, a second editor will proofread your text. This ensures you'll get the best correction quality.

Quality and process management

We process the correction in an orderly and organized manner, right from the initial review of the document to the final delivery.

Comprehensive range of service

smartcorrect offers a comprehensive range of services. We constantly strive to expand and improve our current offerings for your benefit. Do contact us if you need additional services beyond English editing.